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What’s Going On Is Going To Stick With It

It was worth a shot. One Bears fan’s efforts to get the McCaskeys to sell the team drew a response from the top man himself.

Do-over for Doc. While being interviewed for a documentary bout him, Doc Emrick was asked if there was a call he wished he could do over. His answer: Patrick Kane’s Cup-winner in 2010. Kane shot from a tough angle and it wasn’t clear that the puck had gone in. At the time, it felt like Chicago fans were robbed of a memorable call as a Cup drought of nearly half a century came to an end. Looking back now, Doc’s call, or lack thereof, of the goal added to the uniqueness of the moment and made it memorable in it’s own way. Now we look back fondly on the goal that only Kane saw go in. Nevertheless, Doc wanted a do-over and got it.

Hire this man.

Yep, we’re old. A comment made by Albert Pujols’ wife on an Instagram post led to speculation that this will be the legend’s final year. If you’ve forgotten how long Pujols has played, it’s this long:

The idea of Pujols retiring makes your author feel old as it is: Albert is the first athlete of this magnitude whose career I followed from the beginning. The above tweet only adds another layer to it as I bought that game from a Scholastic book fair in 5th grade. I am officially old.

Sundays are for red. On February 23, Tiger Woods was involved in single-car accident in California after the Genesis Invitational. His car went off the road and flipped over multiple times, requiring the jaws of life to get him out. Woods sustained multiple leg injuries requiring reconstructive surgery and will be out of action for quite some time. In tribute, many of the players at the WGC Workday Championship wore his signature Sunday red during the final round of the tournament.

The Juice paid tribute as well:

I honestly can’t think of an athlete who has ever meant more to his sport than Tiger means to golf. On top of his immense talent, Tiger provided representation for minorities in what’s historically a very white sport. His impact on the game could be appreciated regardless of race, though; he just made the game cool. Golf’s image was stuffy and boring, but then along comes this guy who could hit it a mile, who had swagger, who was better than you and knew he was better than you. Michael Jordan in golf spikes. Both my dad and my grandparents played golf, but I’d be lying if I said the reason I picked up the game wasn’t Tiger. Hopefully, he’s able to recover and make one more run at the top.

Here it is, your moment of zen.

Get well soon, Tiger.

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