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What’s Going On Takes His Shoes

Not the same without Stacey King one-liners. Those of us who remember Pros vs. Joes know that former pro athletes are better athletes than you are. Yes, even human victory cigars. Apparently, that show was before this young man’s time.

Adrian Wojnarowski, national treasure.

Then again, maybe it’s not so hard. The news of Rashaad Coward’s signing with Pittsburgh was broken by a rather untraditional source.

BIll Raftery, national treasure.

I may have told my Bill Raftery story on the blog before, but I’m going to tell it again. It was Hoosier Hysteria in 2011. Raftery was hosting, so I went. The night kicked off with Victor Oladipo singing “You Got It Bad” by Usher with a few other players serving as backup dancers, a group Raftery would refer to as “Victor and the Invalids.” That line didn’t particularly endear him to the crowd. The standard first practice/midnight madness stuff followed; a scrimmage, dunk contest, 3-point shootout, what-have-you. The practice ends and the crowd is let down on the floor for autographs. I immediately seek out Raftery. There’s not much of a crowd, just a few older folks chatting with him. I wait for a free moment. As I’m standing there, one of the guys he was talking with notices me and gives Raftery a minute to sign an autograph for me and chat for a minute. He starts signing the autograph then quickly scribbles out what he had written. He had been signing the name of the guy he was talking to rather than his own. The man is every bit the character he comes off as on TV and every bit as awesome.

Whoops. NHL referee Tim Peel got caught on a hot mic.

Peel was banned by the NHL for the incident, but hopefully the league’s action doesn’t end here. Anyone who watches hockey already knew this kind of thing went on, Peel just got caught saying it out loud.

Highway robbery. Andy Ruiz is going to fight Chris Arreola. On pay-per-view. In 2021. I’m not kidding.

Ruiz upset Anthony Joshua in June 2019 as a late replacement for Jarrell Miller, who failed a drug test, then six months later, when he got his chance to prove it wasn’t a fluke in the rematch, he showed up out of shape and got a boxing lesson from AJ, then brayed for a third fight during post-fight interviews. His May 1 bout with Arreola, who wrote the book on showing up to fights out of shape, will be Ruiz’s first fight since being embarrassed by AJ. Arreola was very much washed the second time he fought Berman Stiverne and that was seven years ago. For what it’s worth, Ruiz says he’s down to 258 now. Regardless, for FOX and PBC to charge actual U.S. currency to watch this thing is nothing short of criminal.

Coach D’Oh. LSU head coach Ed Orgeron on changes to his staff for the 2021 season.

While this shouldn’t be at all surprising to anyone who watched any LSU football last season, it’s still not the kind of thing you want your head coach to say out loud.

The Michigan, revisited. A look at Legg’s famous goal, 25 years later.

Here it is, your moment of zen.

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