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What’s Going On Should’ve Written This Before Brian Took The Best Headline

Sports: On hold. Your author likes giving these posts clever titles that tie into one of the stories. This is obviously the biggest story, but I couldn’t exactly call this “What’s Going On is Postponed Until Further Notice,” lest I give the impression that the site itself is going on hiatus. We’re not, but without sports going on, we’re definitely going to have to get more creative. Shayne did mention in our site’s group chat that sites are taking action on curling, a sport of which I am a pretty big fan, so that could be something. Also, sumo’s still going on, albeit without fans, if any of you degenerates out there can get some action on that. If you want any picks on either of those, you can find my Twitter handle, as always, at the bottom of the post. I digress. The point I’m getting to is that MGoBlog’s Brian Cook beat me to the best headline. You can read his post here. It also contains a bit about the possibility of college seniors in spring sports getting another year of eligibility to make up for losing this one. He already said what I would have said, so click the link if you want to read that. Anyway, by this point, everyone has heard about the Rudy Gobert coronavirus situation and ensuing suspensions or cancellations of events. If you want more information about those suspensions/cancellations, type literally any other URL into the address bar of your browser of choice. I, nor anyone else here, is a doctor. We do not have any information about when sports may resume. The NCAA has cancelled all winter and spring sports. The NBA and NHL may start back up after a 30-day suspension. It may be longer. They may just end the season. I don’t know and I don’t know where to begin to guess. The Masters is trickier since Augusta National closes for the summer in late May and doesn’t open back up until October. Since the PGA decided to move the PGA Championship to May starting last year because reasons, that would likely be moved (back to August) if the Tour determined the Masters could be played in May. Otherwise, you’re probably looking at October. Could Augusta open back up a little early to hold the tournament? Maybe, but it would probably have to be a full month or so ahead of schedule since this is a Ryder Cup year. Unless that were to get moved to August. (The Ryder Cup’s in Wisconsin this year; it’s hard to imagine it getting pushed into October.)

The next event to get moved? Hub Arkush claimed the NFL Draft may get moved out of Vegas and postponed until the end of May. It’s Hub Arkush, so you have to take that with a handful of salt from the get-go. We’re talking:

(That’s Terutsuyoshi, one of the more popular rikishi because he a) is one of the smaller rikiski in makuuchi, sumo’s top division, and b) does this before every bout. He’s still doing it in this month’s basho (tournament), which is weird to watch without the fans there to cheer for it.)

Vinny Bonsignore refuted the report.

The NFL Draft could be conducted online. ESPN and the NFL Network could have their analysts broadcast from their homes. What’s the problem? Also on the table is the postponement of free agency, which, again, why? The physicals and jersey pictures can wait. Let the rest of it proceed as planned.

One of the worst takes of all time. Ken Rosenthal before leagues suspended play:

Now that Tracey Myers no longer works for the Blackhawks, there are exactly zero people who have locker room access that I read on a regular basis. If the guys who are providing the best analysis are doing so without credentials, you should be able to be at least passable doing interviews in any of the vast array of serviceable locations outside the locker room. Get over yourself, Ken.

NFL and 2K back in business. 2K Sports has a new partnership with the NFL.

But NFL 2K is not back. EA Sports still holds the sole license for simulation-based NFL games. But theoretically, this could be something in the vein of NFL Street. Before you spend too long pining for the return of NFL 2K, you should remember that as bad as this year’s Madden has been, 2K’s last attempt at a simulation football game, All Pro Football 2K8, was far worse.

And finally… With people so on edge about the coronavirus and the lack of sports to provide an escape, we’re going to start ending all these posts on a pleasant note, so enjoy as I blatantly rip off Jon Stewart’s gimmick and say

Here it is, your moment of zen.


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