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What’s Going On Pats Self On Back

August Update Background

Kevin you are the man!!! Love the new blog on GIIG!!!!

Professional troll Skip Bayless was live streaming on Facebook, because apparently there are some masochists out there for whom two-and-a-half hours of the guy daily aren’t enough. We now know the man has fake accounts that he uses to praise himself in the comments, because he forgot to switch to one of them.

Meanwhile, “Undisputed” is getting around 100,000 viewers daily, which, considering how hard FOX is hyping it, is not great. “First Take” ratings are down a bit, but still far ahead of “Undisputed” and that’s not going to change. Some of ESPN’s ratings come from people just sticking the channel on and leaving it on, not because the each show is of great quality, but because most of the stuff is at least somewhat interesting to people. I’ve never walked into a store, gym, etc. and seen FS1 on. Plus, “First Take”‘s lead-in is “Mike & Mike” and while those guys have lost their fastball, they still do good ratings. “Undisputed”s lead-in is, uh, not that. Tomorrow’s show will be preceded by something called “NASCAR Race Hub,” which certainly doesn’t seem like a ratings boon. People are not changing channels to watch Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have a contest to see who can say the stupidest thing the loudest.

But he won’t do that

Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey are skipping their team’s respective bowl games as they head towards the NFL Draft. Ezekiel Elliott had this to say about it:

Anything but returning for his senior season, of course. When someone brought up the fact that these guys were headed to bowl games that don’t really matter, Elliott replied:

He went on:

Like, you just said that the National Championship was the only post-season game that really matters. 🤔

And one more:

That’s because your last game wasn’t the Sun Bowl, you idiot.

At the end of the day, Elliott, Fournette, and McCaffrey all did the same thing: make a business decision to forego college games. This is the point where I must remind everyone that college athletes are not paid, and no, scholarships don’t count as payment. Fournette, and McCaffrey are facing the opportunity to financially secure themselves for life. McCaffrey probably wasn’t hurting, being the son of a former NFL wide receiver and all, but Fournette grew up in New Orleans’ Seventh Ward and has a young daughter.


It’s still real to him

In 2007, WWE ran an angle where Vince McMahon’s limo blew up at the end of an episode of “Raw,” the implication being the blast killed him. It was going to be revealed later on that he had faked his death, but the storyline never got there because it was axed after Chris Benoit killed his wife and son before taking his own life. In a clip from a 2008 episode of the “Opie and Anthony Show,” Triple H mentions that several people called into the WWE offices the day after the limo explosion aired worried about Vince, including Donald Trump.

The talk about the limo angle starts at the 2:35 mark. Prior to that, you can hear Triple H talk about shooting the Katie Vick angle.

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