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NBA Power Rankings

What’s happenin’ yal? I’m back with some Power Rankings. We will cover all from the recently blemished Golden State Warriors (Congrats, Milwaukee, on winning the NBA Championship!) to the dismal 76ers who continue to attempt to be the WOAT NBA Team. Let’s get into it:

1. Golden State Warriors (24-1)- So what, they lost one game. I don’t think anyone expected them to go undefeated through 82 games. The only bad thing about GSW’s run is the Jordan comparisons, short memory fans saying reigning MVP Steph Curry is the best thing since sliced bread (did we forget LeBron James still plays basketball?) and horrible overreactions such as the Deez Nuts man… er, Draymond Green being a top 10 player in the league. Regardless of all of this, they are clearly the best, and by far.

2. San Antonio Spurs (21-5)- If Golden State’s run wasn’t what it is, we’d still ignore the Spurs. We always do. Them being so good is commonplace. It is nice to highlight that they haven’t lost a game at home and have Kawhi Leonard emerging as a young star in the West and the best two way player in the league. With LaMarcus Aldridge still working on being comfortable and he and Leonard being surrounded by literal legends on the court and on the sidelines, expect them to continue to hover around the top of these rankings year round.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers (15-7)- This team is better than their record indicates. Kyrie Irving will be back. Iman Shumpert recently returned. LeBron James is LeBron James. And they play in the East. Although their lineup may not be consistent, their spot among the elite (are there even elite teams) in the East is infallible and this team will only get better as the season prolongs.

4. Oklahoma City Thunder (16-8)- This years edition of the Thunder is exactly how fellow GIIG member Shayne described it (2 great players, 1 good player, and a bunch of bums.) There’s nothing much that you can ask from Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. Billy Donovan has done a good job improving the defensive side of the ball also. They’ll be in the running til at least the Western semis, but I think their top-heavy roster will let them down in the end.

5. Miami Heat (14-9)- D. WADE BYKE. The Robbins, IL product surely isn’t the athlete he was in the past. But he has a look that shows he is ready to win. I believed that this was going to be a much improved team which depended on Wade’s health (Wade hasn’t missed a game all year.) Also, the continued emergence of Hasaan Whiteside and the return of Chris Bosh have aided the “Spo Show” in this years campaign. They’ve got guys averaging double figures so far and outside scoring seems to be their biggest weakness.

6. Chicago Bulls (14-8)- I must admit, the homer in me wants them higher, the NBA fan in me wants them lower, but the blogger in me has them in the right spot. The Bulls are in a state of continuing to find their identity. This is giving me a headache to type about lol. (Note: I wrote about 7 different sentences trying to describe this team, it wrecked my brain.)

7. Toronto Raptors (16-10)

8. Los Angeles Clippers- (15-10)

9. Boston Celtics (14-10)

10. Charlotte Hornets (14-9)

11. Indiana Pacers (13-9)

12. Detroit Pistons (14-12)- How good is Andre Drummond? Like seriously, can he be one of the top big men of the new generation, alongside Ant Davis? Is he already?

13. Atlanta Hawks (14-12)

14. Dallas Mavericks (14-11)

15. Houston Rockets (12-13)- The most underachieving team in the NBA. Look for them to gel as we get closer to the All-Star Break and climb to and remain over .500.

16. Memphis Grizzlies (14-12)

17. Orlando Magic (13-11)

18. Washington Wizards (10-13)- Not sure what’s wrong with these guys. They were my other legitimate threat to give the Cavs a run in the East playoffs.

19. Milwaukee Bucks (10-15)- Congrats again, champs!

20. Phoenix Suns (11-15)

21. Utah Jazz (10-12)

22. New York Knicks (11-14)

23. Portland Trailblazers (11-15)

24. Sacramento Kings (9-15)

25. Denver Nuggets (10-14)- Emmanuel Mudiay has sustained a severely sprained ankle. Bummer, he was the one shining spot in an otherwise bad season for the Mile High basketball club.

26. Minnesota Timberwolves (9-14)

27. New Orleans Pelicans (6-18)

28. Brooklyn Nets (7-17)

29. Los Angeles Lakers (3-21)

30. Philadelphia 76ers (1-15)- lolz

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