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The State of College Basketball

College Basketball has been crazy this year, brazy if you will. There have been upsets and there is no favorite team. Even a hot team going into the tournament could lose in the first round. With the release of whatever that ESPN ranking show was it proves nobody knows anything . Gonzaga the number 1 team in nation is just another team according to the list. Traditional powerhouses like Duke, NC, Kentucky and Kansas are all inconsistent and could be beat at any moment. This March will be complete madness in every since of the word. Some players will make their names while others will prove they need another year in school. With two of the top players playing at Washington and N.C. State we might not even see the best talent in the tournament (Ben Simmons, LSU).

The rest of this month will be very interesting to say the least as every team push for March. I don’t see a cinderella coming in , but then again I can’t pick favorite. When it is bracket picking time, you might as well close your eyes ,because I believe this year anything can happen. Can Nova repeat absolutely , and they can lose in round 2 and I wouldn’t be surprised. That is what makes it so great and possibly can attract more casual fans. Top players are going all over the country spreading out the talent. With the disappointment of crop of rookies in the NBA, it will be fun to see what top prospects take their team to the promise land and themselves to the NBA lottery.  College basketball has produced a truly unpredictable season  and will continue to have this season into March. Teams where young guys are sharing the basketball and other guys are getting healthy is starting to look better. Then those team can lose in their own tournaments. I will be able to watch this year without having any idea as to who to pick and thats great! Stay tuned.

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