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Bulls on Parade Vol. 1

At 7-3 as of press time, the Bulls have been able to hang in there as the #2 team in the Eastern Conference, and #4 team overall.  However, in this writer’s opinion, there have been many gifts given to this team that is not as good as its record may suggest.  For instance, they have only been on the road for four of their games, all against opponents who, on paper, are less than formidable foes (this will change, as they begin tonight on their annual out of town trip to accommodate the Ringling Bros. Circus.)  They got away with a very close win in their last effort against the Pacers, which once again proved that Paul George will continue to be a thorn in our sides for as long as he is playing one state away. This collection of guys has been thought of to play to the level of their opposition, and it can be hypothesized that this is true, with wins over highly touted squads like the Cavs and Thunder, yet, with a blowout loss to the Hornets.

The rotations have not been defined either; the big man combos have been up and down.  The starters have been offensive minded Nikola Mirotic and world class great Pau Gasol.  They are spelled by Taj Gibson and former starter Joakim Noah. No matter how you combine these four, there hasn’t been a consistent mix that totally sticks out as the definite combination. I am more favorable towards Gasol and Noah, if Noah is “healthy.” With Mike Dunleavy being out, the small forward position has been a revolving door of Tony Snell and Doug McDermott (Snell started Monday’s game, we will see going forward what happens.)  Also, the point guard backup situation is in the air—E’Twaun Moore has been playing his ass off and is establishing himself as either the true backup to D. Rose, or nice trade deadline bait. Also, Aaron Brooks can light it up, but if he is not scoring, he is a total liability as he is too small to be a good defender on the other side of the ball. What we do know is Jimmy Butler is set in his role and has been living up to expectations, picking up from where he left off last year.  Fans are saying that it is now his team and I agree.

Outside of underachieving and rotations, the Bulls are dealing with the same topic which has plagued them for the last few years: Derrick Rose. Rose cannot see out of his eye which was damaged just before the season started.  He also checked out of their last game with a sprained ankle which he is calling “a regular sprain.” I don’t know what that means, but with just under 8% of the season in the books, I need to see this team get its identity through a definite rotation, playing hard every night, and finding out between Rose and Butler who the real leader is, and going from there.

The Week Ahead:

11/18/15 @ Suns

11/20/15 @ Warriors

11/24/15 @ Trailblazers

[Editor’s Note -Kevin: I actually like the combo of Mirotic and Gasol as the starters at the 4 and 5, because I think Gasol’s a better fit at the 5. As far as the issue of “Whose team is this?”, I feel that’s overblown. For years, we were all saying that the Bulls need to get Rose some help. Well, now he’s got that help. It really doesn’t matter “whose team” it is. In the words of Al Davis, just win baby.]

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