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I Want Some NASTY nh Vol. 1

The San Antonio Spurs are looking very good this year.  What did you expect? Their only loss comes on the road to a respectable Wizards team by a three point margin.  Now looking at their schedule, the only “tough” matchup on paper has been that game. However, the wheels are already seeming to turn for the perennial contender, and this writer’s pick for eventual champion.  I like this edition of the Spurs better than any other that I have since I have been a fan (sidenote: I am a hardcore Bulls fan, ride or die, however, when #23 left, we had some dark, VERY DARK, years and my love of basketball led me to cheer for another team.  Tim Duncan put work in during his time in the ACC and I was always a fan of his, hence my leading to love the Spurs since he’s been around, so there you go.) Using paper as the best indicator this early in the season, this is the best starting five the spurs have EVER produced.

Led by reigning Defensive POY Kawhi Leonard (in my opinion,) the Spurs look to contend for a title. As of now, they are fitting that bill and only one team which is located in Oakland is outplaying them currently.  LaMarcus Aldridge is their best player, and is getting comfortable in his role and shooting a high percentage while doing it. Duncan is doing Duncan things, being very efficient in not much time.  Danny Green needs to shoot a little better, as that’s his bread and butter which leads him to continue to start and excel, and Tony Parker just needs to try to be healthy and penetrate as much as possible and get his assists up.  Led by Patty Mills and Manu Ginobili, the bench is playing as well as any other bench in the league and with the best coach in the world in Pop, this team will be no different in establishing itself as an elite team.

The Week Ahead:

11/18/15 vs Nuggets

11/20/15 @ Pelicans

11/21/15 @ Grizzlies

11/23/15  vs  Suns

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