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2020 Chicago Bears: Final Thought and Season Wrap-Up

Normally, my final thought goes at the end of the last film post of the year. This year, I didn’t know the last one would be the last one since there was still a playoff game coming up, but that game was an abject disaster and neither the QB nor defensive coordinator are coming back next year, so the only reasons to do a film post for that game are 1. to complete the set 2. to see if Manti Te’o broke a record for stinking and 3. to determine a winner in the star count. I’ve decided that number 1 is not a good enough reason to spend time doing this, I don’t think Te’o broke a record, but I may do a cursory review of just his performance if I see some meatball on Twitter suggest he should be on the team next year, and I’ll settle number 3 right now – the winner is Roquan Smith. He was leading after the Packers game, he would have been in line for at least 3 more from the Detroit game I didn’t finish because of computer trouble earlier in the year, and nothing anybody did in the playoff game was going to put them over the top.

Also, normally, the season wrap up post comes earlier (read: not March). This year, we had a DC search followed by a run where the team was linked to roughly half the QBs in the league and I kept waiting for the shoe to drop, especially when one seemed so close that I had the Welcome post written. As it turned out, the Bears never made an offer and now Carson Wentz is a Colt.

The post on the Desai hire is here. I’ll cover the additions to his defensive staff in the coming days. Ditto the QB options.

Now, without further ado, the bit I blatantly ripped off from Jerry Springer.

My Final Thought

Boy, that sure fell apart fast, didn’t it? A 5-1 start and a win over the eventual Super Bowl champion and things looked great. And then they didn’t. And then it got worse. And then it looked like the Bears were going to miss the playoffs. But then it looked better. And Mitch looked, well, not really good per se, but like, capable? Kind of, at least. Although he’s always been able to do that against bad teams. And if there was any lingering doubt that that’s all it was, *gestures towards whatever that was in New Orleans*. So now he’s not going to be back and the Bears have a glaring hole to fill. It’s the same hole that’s been there since the end of the Jim McMahon era. And they can’t afford to take any half-measures with Pace and Nagy likely out if the team misses the playoffs in 2021. But then we come to the problem of nobody wanting to play here. The franchise is a mess, right? It must be. That’s The Narrative. The Narrative is always right even when it’s dead wrong. But then the report comes out that the Bears are one of the four teams Russell Wilson would welcome a trade to. It goes against The Narrative. The Narrative won’t like that. Wilson knows what everyone not beholden to The Narrative knows: there’s a ton of talent on defense, some exciting young weapons on offense, a coach that went 28-20 in three years with Mitch Trubisky, Chase Daniel, and Nick Foles at the helm, and they’re a QB away and if you’re that QB and you win a title here, you become God. And more powerful than any Narrative. Until next time, take care of yourselves. And each other.

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