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Welcome to Chicago: Damien Williams, Running Back

[Photo: NBC Chicago on Twitter]

The Chicago Bears added some offensive depth in the form of running back Damien Williams. Williams, a former Chief, won Super Bowl LIV as a member of the team. Undrafted out of Oklahoma in 2014, Williams saw limited action in four years in Miami before heading to Kansas City. Williams didn’t see much action in 2018 until the Chiefs let Kareem Hunt go after a domestic violence incident. Williams’ role increased after that point and in 2019, averaged 10 rush attempts and just under 3 receptions per game. Williams opted out of the 2020 season.

Williams gives Chicago another back capable of making plays in the passing game out of the backfield and figures to fill the role in the offense that last year went to Cordarrelle Patterson. This does not mean Patterson definitely won’t be back, but it does rather decrease the likelihood that he will, unless Patterson is willing to accept a role almost exclusively on special teams and likely a paycheck to match.

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