UA-59049186-1 IU Basketball Student Section Twitter Account Doesn't Seem To Understand You Have To Make Dunks To Win The Dunk Contest - Good if it Goes

IU Basketball Student Section Twitter Account Doesn’t Seem To Understand You Have To Make Dunks To Win The Dunk Contest


IU Crimson Guard Tweet

Try to win a dunk contest with missed dunks?


Also, I don’t know if it’s still up now, but there was a picture of this missed dunk hanging in the press room of Assembly Hall as recently as last year. I swear, I’m not making this up. They hung a picture of a missed dunk in a building that houses five National Championship banners. And speaking of those banners, at different points in the lobby of the arena, right on the other side of the wall where those banners hang, there have been shrines to regular season wins over Kentucky and later, North Carolina. Between that, and them handing out rings for making the Sweet 16, and the fact that both of these shirts exist:


I think it’s safe to say nobody does a better job of mocking Indiana than Indiana.

Twitter: @KSchroeder2325




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