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What the Fuck is Jed York doing?



Storm clouds loom over Levi stadium as the new future takes his throne as the 49ers general. A undeserving general, a move that leaves 49ers country shaking their heads.

In 2011, Jim Harbaugh walked through the door and crushed the buildings. He told Niner nation ” we will attack the with enthusiasm unknown to mankind.” All we did was kick everybody ass, winning 49 games, 3 straight NFC title games, 1 super bowl appearance in 4 years.

Who’s got it better than us? EVERYBODY

After an amazing 4 year run, Jed York brought the storm clouds by deciding it was a great idea to let Jim Harbaugh have his walking papers. Why? Because he was mouthy? Everybody in the organization didn’t like him? He rubbed people the wrong way? Winning is suppose to cure all.

Now the new general takes his throne, throne not earned but chosen, more like stolen, handed over, hand picked by a buffoon. A guy picked who is expected to follow Jed York’s command and not expected to steal the spotlight like Jim did.  To be a little puppy sniffing behind the ass of the bigger dog. What has Jim Tomsula done? What has he accomplished? I don’t mind the hire but let’s be honest, we fired the other Jim. This Jim has NEVER been a head coach, he’s NEVER been a coordinator. He has coached 4 different NFL Europe teams.

As the storm clouds become darker, Vic Vangio takes the same defensive position with the Chicago Bears. A very viable candidate for the throne, York didn’t take him serious and his services will be appreciated elsewhere. The same service that was top 5 in defense with a depleted roster.

The joke writes itself when it’s learned that Eric Mangini moves in as defensive coordinator.

More like the 2nd puppy in command sniffing the big dog ass.

Fuck this storm and Jed York.


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