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The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Results

Good evening, everyone! Welcome back to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fl and, welcome to “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules!”. Tonight, five championships are on the line, including the WWE Championship, a “Wyatt Family Swamp Fight” and, an “Eye for an Eye” match. It’s going to be one crazy ride, so, let’s get started!

  1. Kevin Owens vs. Murphy. Winner: Kevin Owens!
  2. The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) vs. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura: Tables Match for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships. Winners and NEW Smackdown Tag Team Champions: Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura!
  3. Nikki Cross (w/ Alexa Bliss) vs. Bayley (w/ Sasha Banks): Smackdown Women’s Championship. Winner and STILL Smackdown Women’s Champion: Bayley!
  4. MVP (w/ Bobby Lashley) vs. Apollo Crews: WWE United States Championship. Winner by Forfeit: MVP!
  5. Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio: Eye for an Eye Match. Winner: Seth Rollins!
  6. Asuka (w/ Kairi Sane) vs. Sasha Banks ( w/ Bayley): Raw Women’s Championship.  Winner and NEW Raw Women’s Champion: Sasha Banks?
  7. Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre: Extreme Rules Match (Dolph Only) for the WWE Championship. Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre!
  8. Bray Wyatt vs. Braun Strowman: Wyatt Family Swamp Fight. Winner: Bray Wyatt?

I said at the beginning that tonight was going to be one crazy ride. And it didn’t disappoint. Most of the matches were pretty good. Good, solid action. I did have some concerns about a couple of the matches and left confused about a couple of them as well.

But first, the forfeit. I’m not sure if Apollo Crews is really hurt, or if it is story-driven, but, to have the match be just a forfeit to further feed into MVP’s delusions of being the “real” United States Champion, is just nuts. At the very least, someone should have fought in Apollo’s stead, instead. Someone like Cedric Alexander, or Ricochet. But, it didn’t happen.  This is the first match that was concerning.

The second concerning match was the “Eye for an Eye” match. Good, solid match. Both Rollins and Rey used whatever they could to take out each other’s eye. Having it end the way it did, and having Rollins vomit to solidify the horror that he caused, was… believable. If this is the way to end that storyline, with Rollins acting in disbelief as his actions, its a good way to do it. If not, we could see it continue with Dominick avenging his father.

The third concerning and, first confusing match was the swamp fight. I get what the WWE was doing, and pretty much doing the same thing that they did at “Wrestlemania” between AJ Styles and The Undertaker. A brawl, outside, at night. However, it felt more like an episode of “Miami Vice”, where the hero gets captured and drugged. Then, left to wake on his own. You can see where Wyatt was getting into, or trying to, Strowman’s head. Even having Alexa Bliss reveal herself as “Sister Abigail” in order to lure Strowman to the dark side again. It ended with both Wyatt and Strowman fighting in the water, and both going under, only for “The Fiend” to emerge. Now, this is the proper way to debut “The Fiend”, instead of how they did it the first time.  After watching this, I was confused with two things. One, is Alexa Bliss really Sister Abigail, or just an illusion of Strowman’s desire? And, two, what happened to Strowman?

The second confusing match was the battle for the Raw Women’s Championship, between Sasha Banks and Asuka. The match itself was great. Where the confusion comes in is towards the end. Seems like Banks and Bayley learned a few things from the late Eddie Guerrero and that they cheated for Banks to win. Having the referee accidentally get hit with the mist from Asuka doesn’t bother me. What did was when another referee didn’t come down, and Bayley put on the referee’s shirt to count the three, (which was the right speed, by the way. Surprisingly.) enabling Banks to “win” the championship.  Now, I’ve seen it all the time where referees were knocked out, and another comes out to finish the match or someone in authority, like Triple H, finish. But for another wrestler put on the shirt, and become the backup referee to finish the match, does it make that decision stand?  Guess we will find out on “Raw” on Monday.

Overall, tonight was a ride indeed. Speaking of which, the next ride is the “Biggest Party of the Summer”, in “Summerslam”, which will be on August 23rd. Hopefully, there will be a Hall of Fame Ceremony, as it was skipped due to the pandemic.  In any case, stay well and healthy, and I’ll see you then.

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