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WWE Survivor Series 2017 Results

Hello once again, and welcome to Houston, Texas and to the 31st “WWE Survivor Series!” Tonight, it’s Raw vs. Smackdown! Champion vs. Champion! Only one brand will reign supreme! Let’s get to it!

  1. Elias Vs. Matt Hardy. Winner: Elias!
  2. Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto: WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Winner and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Enzo Amore!
  3. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs. Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango). Winners: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn!
  4. The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins) vs. The New Day (Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston). Winners: The Shield!
  5.  Team Smackdown (Becky Lynch (Eliminated by Bayley), Carmella(Eliminated by Asuka), Natalya(Eliminated by Asuka), Tamina (w/ Lana)(Eliminated by Asuka), and Naomi(Eliminated by Sasha Banks)) vs. Team Raw (Alicia Fox(Eliminated by Naomi), Bayley(Eliminated by Tamina), Sasha Banks(Eliminated by Natalya), Nia Jax(Eliminated by count out), and Asuka) Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Match. Winner and Survivor: Askua and Team Raw!
  6. Baron Corbin (US Champion) vs. The Miz (Intercontinental Champion (w/ The Miztourage (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel). Winner: Baron Corbin!
  7. The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus (Raw Tag Team Champions) vs. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey (Smackdown Tag Team Champions) Winners: The Usos!
  8. Charlotte (Smackdown Women’s Champion) vs. Alexa Bliss (Raw Women’s Champion) Winner: Charlotte!
  9. AJ Styles (WWE Champion) vs. Brock Lesnar (WWE Universal Champion (w/ Paul Heyman)). Winner: Brock Lesnar!
  10. Team Raw (Kurt Angle (Eliminated by Shane McMahon), Finn Balor(Eliminated by Randy Orton), Samoa Joe( Eliminated by John Cena), Braun Strowman, and Triple H) vs. Team Smackdown (Shane McMahon (Eliminated by Triple H), Randy Orton (Eliminated by Braun Strowman), Bobby Roode (Eliminated by Braun Strowman), Shinsuke Nakamura (Eliminated by Braun Strowman), and John Cena(Eliminated by Kurt Angle)). Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Match.  Winner and Survivors: Triple H and Braun Strowman and Team Raw!

Final thoughts…That was a good night! A very good card all around. Although in my opinion, I would’ve liked to have Smackdown win the night, with that said, it was amazing. The Corbin/Miz match was a bit confusing as I didn’t know who to cheer for. Both 5-on-5 matches were awesome! I don’t know what more I can say. Tonight is by far the best Pay-Per-View of the year. The next PPV is December 17th and its “Clash of Champions”.  Smackdown best recovers and fast to end the year on a high note. See you all then!

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