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What is Wrong With Team USA Basketball?

Can this team still win gold ?

The most talented basketball team in the world is not playing well.  They started with a 10-point win against a dirty Australian team, followed up with a 3-point win against a severely untalented Serbia team that had a chance to tie it at the buzzer. Team USA barely beat France without Tony Parker by 3 points today. It seems as though they cannot get on the same page. Their defense has been poor and I doubt Tom Thibodeau has a voice left.

Coach K has not been playing Draymond Green when the other two big men look clumsy in the lane.  It seems like something is missing each game. They say Kyrie Irving is not a traditional point guard but he had 12 assists against France, tying an U.S. Olympic basketball record. Klay Thompson dropped 30 points and Kevin Durant regained his shooting touch and chipped in with 17 points, going 6 for 6 from the field. With all of those positives, Team USA only won by 3. No disrespect to any other countries but you do not have superstars or all-stars on your rosters.

Team USA is playing uninspired and lazy. There is no motivation and extreme effort on this team. Everyone is too cool. No one is upset and bringing that energy on the court. It is like playing your little brother and once he starts hitting shots, you have to break a sweat just to be beat him. This team is too talented to even be within 20 of these other teams. At this point, they need to win to save face because their play has been borderline embarrassing. Bring home the gold medal or end up worse than the 2004 USA team.

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